Wood – nothing is closer to our heart

We at Hördener Holzwerk build on quality and innovation. Wood has a long tradition in the Schwarzwald region and especially in Hörden. The raftsmen of the River Murg proved their appreciation of internationality and the importance of breaking new ground in the past. We see ourselves in this tradition.

In-house development makes us strong

Today we dry, grade, finger joint, plane and bond mechanically and industrially. We also focus on our own research, promptness and the philosophy of long-term customer loyalty. With success, because the company enjoys an international reputation. Outstanding products support you.

With us wood is in good hands

The Hördener Holzwerk was founded in 1985 and expanded in 2003. In this family-run business we attach great importance to social and personal cooperation. Hand in hand and at a high technical level, around 75 employees work on realising individual customer wishes too. Powerful production lines (parts of the company) connected in parallel ensure that international orders run smoothly. On average we process around 100,000 m3 of different grades of timber each year.

We take our responsibility for people and the environment seriously. Hördener Holzwerk's "PEFC" certification stands for its efforts to conserve the forest and its diverse functions.

Building for generations

Wood is not just a brilliant foundation for all kinds of construction. Using this material also contributes to preserving our livelihood as well as that of future generations. Since breaking down the raw material only releases the same amount of CO2 as previously bound in the wood, the impact on the climate remains neutral. Sustainable forestry ensures that we only harvest as much as will grow back again. Thus important climatic and biological forests are maintained and preserved for everyone.

We take the responsibility for people and the environment seriously. Hördener Holzwerk's (wood work plant) “PEFC” certification sets the standard for acceptable use of the forest and preserving its diverse functions. In addition, this certificate stands for the commitment to a social work environment by all those involved in the product chain.

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